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Have a prescription that needs compounding? Get a quote today right here 

Our Sydney Compounding Lab allows Superpharmacy to extend beyond what you come to expect from standard pharmacies by compounding medications that are not readily available. We can also customise personalised medication according to Strength, Dosage Form, Flavouring, and Specialised Formulations due to allergies or sensitivities. Our compounding service caters to regular patients, children, and even veterinary compounding for animals. 

Please email your script to pharmacist@superpharmacy.com.au and our compounding pharmacist will provide you with a quote. Alternatively, provide your compounding medication script to our Hornsby store and our team will take care of the rest, allowing you the choice to either pick up your newly compounded medication from the store, or have us deliver it to you. Please note that delivery for any compounded medication is completely free Australia wide!  


People choose their own health journey, and that's why we offer Online Naturopathy services, as well as a range of Vitamins and Health supplements 


At times you may have more than one carer or prescriber treating you, such as when you are discharged from hospital with possible changes to your medicines. This can be confusing and there is potential for duplication and uncertainty regarding what to take and when. Our Pharmacists are easily accessible and freely available to answer your queries regarding your ongoing medication.


Superpharmacy employs a team of pharmacists who are trained to deliver information covering a wide range of medicinal products and nutritional supplements. These pharmacists have additional training in clinical therapeutic evaluation, drug information, and communication. Our pharmacists are patient advocates who always apply consideration of the latest therapy options, taking into account the new treatment advances and clinical therapy trials, in order to provide the customer with the best possible solution.


Superpharmacy pharmacists can help you find the necessary support. If you facing a challenge with an advanced or permanent health condition, there are a number of national and local support networks that can help in an incredible number of ways. At Superpharmacy we can help you connect with trained individuals who are able to provide support when you need it most. This can either be online, through network groups, or one to one personal assistance.


Superpharmacy offers a national Home Medicines Review, or HMR Service. If you have been prescribed multiple medicines to manage your health, you know how frustrating it can be remembering when and how to take them, and what they are actually for.

Superpharmacy accredited pharmacists can come to your home and chat with you about the medicines you are taking. This visit will help you to understand your medicines better, to see if things are working properly, and to see that you are getting the desired benefits and results. At your home visit, we will also see how you store your medicines and better understand what other non-prescription products you may be taking. The visit will result in a follow up report to your doctor, who may decide to make changes to your prescription(s) for your benefit.


For some people, especially our older folk, it can sometimes be difficult to get to a pharmacy when they need to. Superpharmacy can provide services to help people manage their medicines at home, so they can better look after themselves and independently take care of themselves, and their health, for longer. Superpharmacy can deliver administration aid dosing packs directly to your home.

Superpharmacy cares for our seniors by preparing free weekly Dose Administration Aids, these are delivered every month directly to the home or a specified location for pick up. The prescribed doses are sorted into compartments, over four potential time slots during the day. The system delivers a safe and convenient way to store and take your medicines. Our dose pack is designed for you to easily manage your medicines, and will remind you when you should take them. Most importantly, you can easily see if you have already taken your daily dose so as to avoid confusion and any double dosing.


Prevention is better than cure and there are many health check promotions that Superpharmacy encourages the public to participate in. Superpharmacy will promote these health checks both in store and remotely, in conjunction with our service providers. The usual Health Checks and screening processes are facilitated by our pharmacists or specially trained staff, such as registered nurses. These initiatives are designed to promote better health outcomes by identifying potential risk factors for conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, and stroke. Our pharmacist or Primary Health Nurse will discuss the results of the health check and may refer you to your GP for follow up. These screening checks include:

  • Medicine Management which is about getting better results from your medicines.
  • Risk Factor Assessment which aims to identify known factors associated with the likelihood of developing a future health condition.
  • Screening for a testable substance or biological marker that can indicate that you may have already developed a health condition and require a referral to your doctor for follow up.
  • Disease Management Improvement such as managing your health condition better. An example being clean and check days for portable diabetic blood glucose testing machines.